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Right on, Charlie.
It's just MY opinion that what this group needs is one more amateur smarty pants who is short of cash but knows how to build a Q
better than the many that are successfully flying. Those that build out on the fringe (or cant fly inside the envelope) give us
and HAVE given us a black eye when they roll it up into a ball. Best to stay out of the conversation.

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I believe the charter of this group is to assist builders in building a Q bird according to plans.

I also believe there is a Q list for performance and out of the box discussions that do not relate to plans built planes.

I could spend about a year discussing your concept but decline. You are a sharp guy so demonstrate your concept by developing it. Make sure to keep detailed records of time, materials, and capital expenditures for the project. I am not going to respond to your personal attack you do not know what I know about 2 part foam manufacturing. I believe you are a successful businessman so proof out your concept before you throw it out as an alternative method to build a Q bird.


Charlie Johnson
Ogden, Utah

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As a Manufacturing Engineer, first you ought to really Read, and maybe research the Product of what I said before you condemn it, I said "2 Part Epoxy Plastic" that's Light Weight like the Blue Foam! This stuff was not even around when Rutan, and the other's designed these Foam and Fiberglass Airplanes, what now 35+ years ago. Quoting "Build it by the Plans" is a bunch of crap, this Group has made many changes over the years from the original Plans that our acceptable!
Anything, can be made better, especially as new Materials, and Technology show's up.
Is Hot Wiring the Blue Foam Billet Blocks to make the Parts probably the Cheapest, and Fastest way, Yes, but that doesn't necessarily make it the Strongest, Lightest Part you can make. Even Molds are being made faster and cheaper today. It won't be long and you will be seeing 3D Printed Airplane Parts and whole Planes!
Now I'm not an Intelligent Mechicanical/Aerospace/Manufacturing Engineer like you Charlie, but I do know if you Hot Wire cut that Blue Foam into the shape of a 2" x 4" just 4ft long, and then placed blocks under the ends and then stood on it, it would break from even a very light Person. You probably have a Technical Term of so many lbs per sq inch for the Foam. This 2 part Epoxy Plastic Stuff I'm talking about is as strong as a 2x4 piece of Wood or like I said, that New Plastic Decking Material. Will it break also, Yes, everything has it's limit's, but it would take a lot more Weight/Force to break it than the Blue Foam can with stand!
It does have a lot of the same Quality's, Impervious to Gas, Floats, is light Weight like Foam, etc, but also is Cast able, or Machine able! Your still going to wrap it with either Fiberglass per the Plans, or use Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, etc. Oh wait, they probably didn't have Carbon Fiber or Kevlar back then either, I guess we can't use them either, since were by the Plans!
What's the Spec, lbs per Sq Inch of a 2"x4"x8' of Blue Foam, a 2"x4"x8' Wood Building Stud, a 2"x4"x8' Plactic Deck Stud, a 2"x4"x8' Carbon Fiber Tube vs their Weight?
But that's just my Opinion!
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Thu Feb 9, 2017 9:33 am (PST) . Posted by:

"Charlie" one1skydog


As a manufacturing engineer who has worked with pourable foam. In my opinion this method brings nothing to the table over the tried and true follow the plans methods and materials.

Mockup engine blocks have a totally different set of specifications.


Charlie Johnson

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