Re: Foam

David J. Gall


The urethane foam for the fuselage is NOT Divinycell foam, it is cheap urethane "T2000" insulation contractor foam, again, available locally to anyone near a medium sized metropolitan area. Ask for two pound density urethane foam sheets sliced one inch thick and they'll give you all the 48" x 96" x 1" sheets you can stand. They slice it to order from a giant block, so buy several extra sheets to make it worth the man's while. (I got cute and ordered "T1600" which is 1.6 lb density to save weight.)

My previous post about Styrofoam was incorrect on the dimensions: the billet dimensions are 8" x 16" x 109" and they're listed as "Styro billets" on my invoice. Cheap.

The Q1 and Q200 LS1 canards both require a purchase of a pre-made mandrel-wound tapered tubular carbon fiber spar that will cost about $5000 if you can find a set. Vortex generators are far cheaper.

What engine do you intend to use?

David J. Gall
Gall Aerospace

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