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Rich Gillen

Very light, just like the Blue Foam. I brought home a few scrap pieces to experiment on, I'm out of town right now, but I'll try and take a photo and weigh them, not a real accurate comparison for the Technical Type's. But I would say if the Blue Dense Foam was just wire cut into a shape of a 2x4 4ft long and the 2 part Plastic was poured into a 2x4 4ft long shape, they would be very close in weight, but the Plastic would be stronger between the two. I suppose you could figure it up by Volume to get fairly accurate. I was just amazed at the strength and light weight back then when I visited the Company. It has some other use's also.
Each and every one of us has access to different Tools and Technology, and have different budgets. Some People can also Think out side of the box that the rest of the world puts itself in!

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What about weight?

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