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Rich Gillen

You are correct, you will only know for sure how well it may work with Testing it, that's Why I said to maybe look into it. Since I said, it maybe a Substitution for the Blue Foam, you would still wrap it in Fiberglass, Carbon, Kevlar, etc! For most people, just using the Blue Foam will be the cheapest and easiest way. But everybody has different access to Tools at Work and at Home. In 35+ years we have went from half a million dollar CNC machines being used at the big Airplane Plants to CNC (Mills, Lathes, Plasma Cutters, Routers, Laser's, and even Water Jets, 3D Printers on Desktops) being used in the Home Shop, and Small Business's! I have seen a Full Size Long Kayak 3D Printed by a Kid, a Small Q1(Quickey) could probably be Designed and 3D printed right now, or the Molds to make one.

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Rich, you may be on to something important. But all we have is research information, theoretical. Would you be willing to build a set of wings and submit them to destructive testing? Only then would we have hard data. Perhaps others in the group would chip in with expenses. But whatever you do, I urge not recommending the technique without exhaustive testing an actual wing. Rick Hole

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