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Rich Gillen

Did you use the 2 part liquid epoxy plastic mixed at room Temp and just poured into a mold, or was it an expandable Foam, like you buy in a can to fill in voids for insulation purpose? The stuff I'm talking about does expand a little when mixed, but not like the spray can foam does. It's also a lot harder like a piece of wood when cured, but light weight. They cast in Steel Inserts so you can actually bolt on the engine parts just like a real engine. With Casting a Part, you could also maybe mix in strands of fiberglass like they do with Cement today to make it stronger.
There is Molds for long term production for making many parts being made as in a business use and there is molds for one off's that can be made cheaper. Lot's of stuff in Scrap Yards that can be adapted.
Off Topic, but google "Snow Glider" hit photo's and look at the Yellow one once made in Russia with a Rotax 447UL! That's a neat idea, maybe use a 25hp Brigs & Straton.
Just curious.

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I don't know if this post is a good idea on my part as we have been trying to stay out of it but I can't help myself. We have tried out several pour foams and tested the idea. What we found and we did do testing to the point of breaking the canard. We only did it because all the materials were FREE to us. It can work it does take a bunch of time and has to be about spot on it does require a mold and I would rather just call Steve James cet precut foam and build it as the plans say it cost half as much and even with singing the sanding song the original way of doing is faster. We are now offering prebuilt composite parts and we have found another way to skin the cat but it is not an at home process because of the equipment cost. We also found that doing the wing and canard in carbon is also not a great idea just to stiff but it is more then strong enough to do the job.

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