Re: Weight and Balance of N33QR

Jay Scheevel

Hi Martin,

Looks good. I only question whether you can actually get 20 gallons in the main tank! Anyway, I have loaded your numbers into a spreadsheet that I made for my plane. This spreadsheet has a function that graphs your W&B evolution while in flight for 0.1 hour intervals from full tanks to empty. I am attaching that spreadsheet to this response.

As mentioned, I have loaded your numbers into the sheet and verified your numbers on the spreadsheet are the same as you report above. The background that is embedded in the graph, is for the LS-1 canard. I do not have the one for the GU canard handy, but I think that the numbers will be close.

Someone more experienced than I (read that as Paul Spackman) can comment on the GU range.

Jay Scheevel, Tri-Q, still building

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