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The easiest speed brake mod is the one for the TriQ and you can find that info in the file section. Of course you just omit the part about the mounting of the gear, it is also recommended that you move the hinge from the rear of the board to the front. If you do not want to make the speed brake board we do offer it pre-made. 

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Hey Gang:

Perhaps some remember me from a previous lifetime... I met many at the FOD's in Ottawa, KS back around '99/2000. I've had my Q2 kit since original purchase back in the late fall of '81 (nope, that's not a typo, 1981, back when I was a young lad...). I've worked on this project, off and on obviously, throughout my entire adult life. It started out in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada with a major kick start from Peter Meszaros - he had just completed his (the 1st Q2 kit finished in Canada) in record time and he generously offered all kinds of advice, personal construction support and materials to me. I owe my wonderful example of a GU canard to Peter... Since then the project has lived in 4 different homes, in Hamilton, Niagara Falls and Windsor, Ontario.

I'll cut to the chase - I began actively working on the Q bird daily back in October. I moved again about a year ago and took some time setting up my shop. The heat and ventilation has been tested in some new lay-ups - Yah! no fumes in the house!! I've designed and crafted a new toe brake assembly using the original rudder pedals and some Matco cylinders. The reflexor mechanism is almost complete. Tiny tasks every day = big deal! I hope to come close to completion in this calendar year.

I learned when I joined up on quickheads recently that I live very close to Sanjay Dhall - I had the pleasure of meeting him and checking out his beautiful Q last weekend - he lives about 45 minutes from me just across the border in Michigan. Now I'm totally geeked again.

One mod that I don't have my head totally wrapped around yet is the belly board - I checked out Sanjay's and also poured over the plans that I found on Jon Findley's website. I need to do this mod from scratch, I have none of the materials stashed in my shop. This is not a problem, however I am wondering about the board itself. The originals were a carbon fiber plate. I understand that a version has been executed that is external/flush and fabbed from fibreglass (Bob Farnam??) but cannot locate any detail about it? (I did surf around in old Qtalks etc. on I need some input regarding the board. I currently have enough info to work through the actuator mechanism...

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