Re: Waddelow wing, and canard

Jerry Marstall

Somewhere around here I have a tape of a telephone conversation I had with Tom Jewett over how to get my 6’ 6” self into the cockpit he had advertised as accepting two people 6’8”, 250lbs ea.  Being neither, I still couldn’t get into it.  With his generous advice, I was able to square off the canopy, add 2” to the turtleback height, slip the base of the seat toward the seat tank, and hoist my rudder pedals off of the canard.  Now it only takes a shoehorn to get in, instead of a compactor.  Fortunately as time as passed, I have misplaced 2.25” in height.  Life is good.





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I met Tom Jewett when I got a ride in the factory Q2 with Revemaster engine about a year before he died in "Big Bird"'off the end of the runway in Mojave. He was the brains behind QAC and one hell of a nice guy! If he hadn't died Quickie Aircraft might have survived.

Gene was a pain in the ass and hard to deal with. It was no surprise when QAC went down the tubes, even though he had Scott Swing and his dad working for him.

Jim Patillo
N46JP Q200

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