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What are all of you talking about?  What is this word S-N-O-W???

I'm in Austin, TX.

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Tell you what. You shovel yours, and I'll shovel mine. I live in New Bern, North Carolina, and we got a lot of snow on the warm ground with no accumulation. Thank God! All kidding aside I do love the weather here.

Did you build your Tri-Q? If so I would like to pick your brain, see your bird, and your build log.

Norm Parmley

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Not much to report, but I was not able to fly on Friday, our 11th anniversary, but did give a little love to Determination today. A few touch and go's. Around the local area for fun, and back tot the deck for a full stop. Just ahead of the big snow storm predicted, and now upon us. Seven to nine inches forecast. Any of you southerners want to help shovel? I didn't think so.
Hope to see everyone in May at DEH for the spring fling!
Maybe a flight up from Florida, Mike, Kevin?
Get um dun, keep um flyn.

Kevin Boddicker
Luana, IA.
TriQ 200 411 hrs

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