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Jon Matcho

Hello everyone, I am sorry to see that I just missed a couple of you at Sun-n-Fun by a day or two, coming in late.  Anyway, I found what I was looking for there – some motivation to kick myself into gear.


The big $ task in front of me is to have my O-200 engine overhauled (I *was* thinking to do a minimum-essential IRAN, but am lately with a “new/like-new engine” mindset).  Since the cost of an overhaul approaches the cost of a NEW O-200D engine, I spent some time considering moving to a Rotax 912 (100HP) or 914 (115HP).  There are benefits with that approach, but I am settling back in to bringing my O-200 up to spec. with, probably, new high-compression pistons and possibly new cylinders.


I am making two changes:


  1. I am losing the heavy MT constant speed prop in favor of a fixed pitch prop.
  2. I am losing the forward-mounted belt-driven alternator in favor of a rear-mounted gear-driven B&C model.


Forward weight is being reduced and coming aft.  I also noticed in the builder’s logs (Earnest’s) that he moved the dual batteries from the firewall to behind the seats when he added the MT prop. 


My question is:  What am I in for?  What else should I consider?  What am I missing?


Any feedback is very much appreciated.







Jon Matcho


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