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Jon Matcho

Hello, thanks for the replies.  I left out a detail that this was a flying Tri-Q200 with ~1,200 hours on the airframe and more on the engine.  It’s been well kept, but with the nose gear collapse and prop strike I am having a full tear-down done by a certified shop.  Is it possible to have my O-200 IRAN’d and not need a break-in?


Going from the 40lb MT constant speed prop to a fixed pitch and moving the alternator to the rear of the engine, I am expecting to move one or both batteries back to the firewall.  I am not sure how the W&B will come in just yet, but this may be close to a prior configuration for this aircraft – I’ll try to find out.


I am also wondering how to manage the break-in with essentially a new/repaired engine, new airframe configuration, and new pilot (me). 


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