Re: Engine installation

Martin Skiby

I would not be concerned at all about the placement for the UL.  Personally I would place the centerline exactly where the 0200 is and give it a run.  Check the weight and balance carefully and go.  I have done research on the UL and find it will be a great option for the Q2/200.  You will need to counter balance all your control surfaces and follow the procedures for the Q200 as you will basically have one of those.  Actually a Q-260!!.  Great choice and good luck with the install.  Let me know if I can help at all.

We have a Q200 and a TriQ200 both in the air.  You could also start with an 0200 prop or something very close.  We are running our 0200's in the 2800 RPM range for high speed which is a little less than the UL will want.  Biggest issue is to make sure you have adequate static RPM for the first flight to get off the ground.  I would love to chat more if you like.


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