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I installed a system  used by NASCAR. The Halon canister is at my feet.  It has a sensor in the engine compartment and a second sensor in the cockpit. It automatically goes off depending on the temperature of the sensor.

I have pictures of the installation but can't find them. I believe I wrote an article about it when I installed it I can't find that either.

I agree with John that I would rather suffocate than become a crispy critter. And like Paul Fisher I prefer to never have to find out how it works.


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We carry Halon extinguishers in the aircraft I fly at work. The company's line is to NEVER use them in flight - due to their lethal properties during inhalation, they are only to be used to create a path for the crew + pax to evacuate a burning aircraft on the ground.  Ours is also not to be used to fight an airframe fire. It is supposed to create a 12-14 second burst of Halon and is far short of what you'd need to spray an aircraft. Once it's on fire, the insurance company owns it and they can spray it if they like. However, I've decided if flames were climbing my pant legs and I couldn't be on the ground in the next couple seconds, I'd probably squeeze a little Halon on it - if it suffocates me to death, I'll still be better off than burning. That being said, there's no extinguisher in my Q. I'm setting on a fuel tank, the header tank is surrounded by most of the aircraft's electrical users and sets above my legs. In flight, a pistol would work better than Halon IMO.

Aside from the aircraft I've flown with airframe fire fighting capabilities, fighting fire in flight has always been taught to me: if it's electric - kill the electric via breakers or master and turn things back on one at a time until you can identify the culprit, obviously leaving the culprit's power off. Ventilate the cockpit and land as soon as possible. Fuel related - shut off the fuel at the source. Single engine aircraft is now a glider. Multi engine, land ASAP.

To the question over wether the ventilation in your cockpit would render Halon useless, I'd wager no. You'll find Halon bottles in/near engine compartments of aircraft designed to fight an engine fire in flight. Unless you're flying an open cockpit Q, I can't imagine having more of a breeze than your engine is getting. 

Just my $0.02


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Some thoughts- don't deploy a fire extinguisher in the same closed space that you happen to be occupying. Halon works well enough to kill you. Plan your hypothetical use scenarios. Where are you likely to encounter a fire?  In the cockpit? Forward of the firewall?  Can you deploy a firewall forward extinguish event whilst in the cockpit?  Would you make your egress, access the fire extinguisher and then deploy the extinguisher?

Risk analysis and scenario planning can be tricky. I'll bet Sam Hoskins has some thoughts on this. 


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I feel that having a good fire extinguisher is mandatory equipment for any plane.  With that said, we have a nice place for one in our TriQ in the area over the main wing.  In the Q200 we just got flying it seems that the canopy brace partially covers the opening so you would not be able to pull out the extinguisher without opening the canopy.  So my question is, where have others found is a good place to tuck a fire extinguisher.  I have the smallest halon type I can find ! for both planes, which I feel is the minimum.  It would be a chore to change the opening over the wing, but that is what we will do if necessary.

Thank you all.

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