Re: Fire extinguisher location

David J. Gall

Jimmeh, I don't know what killed Marc Waddellow either, but I can surmise based on these excerpts from the Halon 1301 MSDS and the circumstances of his death in his basement that Halon exposure may have contributed:

"Inhalation: Vapour is heavier than air and can cause suffocation by reducing oxygen available for breathing. Breathing very high concentrations of vapour can cause lightheadedness, giddiness, shortness of breath, and may lead to narcosis, cardiac irregularities, unconsciousness or even death."

"Self-contained breathing apparatus with full facepiece and protective clothing when re-entering unventilated fire areas where product has been used."

"Medical Conditions Generally Aggravated by Exposure: Cardiac problems."

"Respiratory Protection (Specify Type): Not normally necessary if controls are adequate. For high concentrations exceeding 10%, or if exposure is prolonged, use positive pressure air-supplied respirator."

"Ventilation: Local Exhaust: Recommended to control exposures. See mechanical."

"Ventilation: Mechanical (General): Recommended in low areas or indoors where vapours may collect."

"Eye Protection: Chemical goggles recommended. Full faceshield in addition if splashing of liquid form is possible."

Took about 13 seconds to find that on Google, by the way....

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