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I have dreams of that moment with nothing to fix. So far only nightmares. I'm sure you will want to drive up those 10 hours to see all the smiling faces.

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Looks like WX is going to be in my way!  It doesn't look good at this point!  And the TriQ 200 is running great with nothing to fix!  But it is a 10 hour trip by ground!

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I'm sorry to hear that Jon, I was looking forward to seeing your plane!  But better safe than sorry, so if you aren't comfortable then we would rather see you drive.
Be safe!

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I know I said I wouldn't drive to one more of the fly-ins but after my less than stellar first take off attempt last year and the work I have been doing on the Q I will in fact be showing up by auto this year to garner more great advice from the QMBT (Quickie Midwest Brain Trust).  but I promise here publicly this is my last drive to a fly-in.  Looking forward to seeing you all.
Jon Swenson

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