Quickie Tri-Q200 Repair Update

Jon Matcho

Hello again, I am about to make a decision (brace yourselves) that is hopefully for the best.  Let me know what you think.


Since I purchased this prop-stricken plane on eBay 2+ years ago, I ruled out repairing the MT constant speed prop due to costs (~$8,000 to fix).  I thought to do the following:


  1. Go with a fixed pitch prop, which then requires…
  2. A brand new prop extension (since the MT prop is a single unit, and would be the wrong size for the cowling even if it wasn’t), which then requires...
    1. Machining a belt channel into the extension to drive the forward alternator, or
    2. Moving to a B&C gear driven alternator behind the engine (which I purchased new).
  3. With losing ~30 pounds in the front, I anticipated needing to move the 2 batteries from behind the seats to somewhere near the firewall.
  4. Recalculate weight and balance, flight tests, etc.


I might be missing some other things as well, but regardless this began looking like a lot of work and essentially a different aircraft.  I became somewhat hesitant and paralyzed.


With the passage of time a few extra coins have showed up in my piggy bank.  It now occurs to me that I might actually save time, aggravation, even money, if I just fixed the MT prop!  So that’s what I am now planning to do as the best route to get this plane airworthy.


In terms of me personally flying it, that’s an entirely separate project. 


What do you think?






Jon Matcho

QBA Administrator

Rebuilding Quickie Tri-Q200 N479E








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