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Dan Thomas

Question:   What/who is the largest person to have ever flown a Q2/Q200?

I too am size challenged even though I have greatly admired the Q2/Q200 since its inception.  Too much German heritage, lack of activity, and like to eat.   I could have fit up until about 20 years ago.  Now probably not.   Is there such a thing as a Super Q290 oversize?  I have thought about scratch building such a thing.  Flying a Q is still on my bucket list and I will be losing weight soon.  Is there anything out there for sale in a Q200 with aircraft engine?   I have about 600 hours Luscombe 8A time and 1000+ hours RV-6 time.

Thanks, if anybody knows.
--Dan Thomas
  Everett, WA

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Yep, that's another part of it. 5'8" and I don't feel  or look too big but somehow weigh 230lbs.

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How big are you?  What do you weigh?

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Well, I've had my Q2 kit for going on 3 years now and haven't really had a chance to work on it other than reading up on it. It's a really nice kit- complete (except I sold the Revmaster) with wing and canard built, fuselage well along and canopy almost finished.

The main reason I haven't really dug into it is should I build a Q200 or step up and build a Cozy Mk4. Another big reason: I've never sat in or flown in one. Who knows, maybe a flight in one could really make my mind up.

So, would anybody be willing to give me a ride in their Q2/Q200? I live in Tullahoma, TN and this summer could drive a reasonable distance for a ride.

Rick Lee


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