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Nathan,  so good to see you are still out there.  Hope you can make it to one of our fly-ins (if the wx ever cooperates) in the near future.  Would sure enjoy seeing you again.

Jerry & Nancy Marstall


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No worries in my option about the forward hinged canopy during a roll-over.  It will be broken.  At least that's my experience. 

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Those 1" ball air vents may work ok in Canada but are totally inadequate in Florida!  I hate to be negative but the forward hinged canopy system has got to be heavy and in a roll over I'd think that would be the hardest to get out of.

Fly Safe,

Mike Q200 N3QP


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Nice airplane, Jay. If I recall correctly, this was the one where the fuselage was built from scratch. Is that right?  What is your empty weight?

Jay Scheevel, Tri-Q, still building


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