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David J. Gall


Welcome aboard! Sometimes this list gets real quiet for a while, then it
heats up again. Give it time.... For the builder list, try joining the QBA.
It's $20 a year for a builders list and 6 great issues of the newsletter.
Contact Tom Moore on this list for more info (he's the big cheese, now).
There's a feller on here who'll keep you in line named Jim Masal (Jimmeh)
who types in a cryptic, semi-southern wire brush style -- he's the spark
plug who got this whole ball rolling about 20 years ago. Genuflect
accordingly. Then check out these two websites. There are more, but these
will whet your appetite and answer lots of your questions. Put 'em on your
favorites list:

David J. Gall

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Subject: [Q-LIST] newbee question?

Is there a list of builders and people flying Quickies that I
could look up to call to see some projects or to meet some
people. I am mainly on this list to learn as other are and
I do not quite know where to turn for this one. Is this
in the QBA newletter or also on the web like the Cozy builders?

So far I have had no replies about any one in this area flying.
Any one in Florida?

Thanks again
Jeff Russell/AeroCad Inc.

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