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I agree with Sam, Michael, and Paul because they are agreeable guys.

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I agree with Sam, use EZ turn to lube it after you clean it.

Paul Fisher
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Gould has always made a good product and though the anatomy of this valve is very simple the tolerances inside are very tight so any type of varnish from auto fuel will gum it up.

Also, I have taken mine apart, that has been sitting for 32 years, as I also could not turn it. Gould apparently used some kind of fuel resistant sealer under the brass cap on the threads. There is a tapered valve body that goes into a tapered cup and this was gummed up as well. Not sure why...

There is one small O-ring just under the cap where the valve stem comes through, a washer and a small spring. Lastly there is a horseshoe shaped clip that serves as the valve stop and restricts rotation to 90 deg by interrupting a pin that protrudes from the valve stem / body assembly. It doesn’t get more simple.

David, take the valve out and clean it!  ;-)

I’ve taken some PIX as I had it apart, but out of time as we are running out the door to Imraan and Rachel's going away party. He landed a nice position at the Aero Department at OK State.

Bonanza is back in the air after a top end overhaul. Three cylinders had burnt valves, sigh.  Still trying to figure out why after only 320 hrs TT on a zero time Continental engine.

Fly safe, Mike Bergen
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Hi Dave,

I am using a different valve in my Q, but since I am a packrat (just ask my wife), I still have the original QAC-supplied valve. I turn it from time to time and I also have found that it is getting harder to turn as it ages, so I think is the the same as you. I dribbled a little 3-in-1 oil in it just for fun and it got easier. Not easy, just easier. A silicone based penetrating lube might do the same thing. If you can get it to turn without disassembly, you might save some headaches. If you want my old (new) one, let me know and I will send it to you. Has a brass housing if that is any clue.

Jay Scheevel, Tri-Q, still building

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