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Matthew Curcio

I forgot to add in there that I am based out of Toledo executive airport (Ohio). Cell phone is a work number shouldn't be too much of a haul to get to the fly in - I do have another fly in at my home airport as well that weekend so we'll see how I coordinate those.

Matthew Curcio


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Matthew, welcome to the Q family!  You didn't mention where you are located, but your area code indicates Detroit area.  I hope you can make it to Davenport in September.  It would be great to see you and your airplane (if you are comfortable with it by then).  Otherwise a road trip would be worth it!


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I'm thinking this will be a decent enough time to introduce myself for now and hopefully I will be able to do so in person at this fly in. I purchased a Q-200 that originally received it's airworthiness certificate in '86. It and another Q-200 were built in unison by a couple of gentleman on our field and has also been in the area since then (same owner). It has 230 hours on it but has been parked in a hangar for the past 15 years. I have spent the last couple of months doing a very thorough annual inspection, including removing the tail section and all control surfaces for inspection and any corrosion on hardware / control linkages. I also removed the engine and inspected the cam and cylinders. The great news is everything is in really good condition. I did replace all of the wiring, really just to clean it up, and replaced all of the fuel system. I hate to be the guy that re-does aesthetic stuff before flying the thing but I did re-do the interior while I had the dash off for the electric and fuel system and put a fresh coat of paint on her. It is getting very close to flying, mostly I just want to check / modify the alignment with David Gall's procedure and then get the logbooks signed off. I had the pleasure of speaking with Sam Hoskins at Air venture this past week and he gave me some really good information as I prepare for the (second) first flight. I do want to add differential breaks per Sam's advice but I am going to have some interference with the controls for throttle, carb heat, mixture, and cabin heat all being in that area. I may push that off - scared to even say that I hope I don't regret it.

That's the airplane, as for me - I'm 27 years old, mechanical engineer. I built an Aventura II amhib that made its first flight 2 years ago. It's a blast for flying low and slow over the water -the complete opposite of the quickie's MO.  I learned to fly in a Pietenpol and I have 250 hours in the past 3 years - all tailwheel. I'm going to get some time in a friends (CFI) Thorp T-18 and also spend plenty of time taxi testing so I can get comfortable with the ground handling of the Quickie and a taildragger that flys and lands fast. 

Very happy to find an active group of Quickie builders and operators! We are all aware of some of the hazards of the quickie as far as first flights go so any advice or recommendations you all have I am more than happy to listen to!


Matthew Curcio


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Just reserved a room…..see you in September.

Dave D


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I hope all of you are getting excited for the Flyin this year.  Based on the casual conversations with a number of people, we should have a pretty good turn out of airplanes this year!  If you are still building, this is the time to see Quickie, Q-2, and TriQ aircraft up close and personal, so please consider attending. We'll be at the Davenport Iowa airport (KDVN) at hangar E5 - you should be able to spot the Q birds parked nearby!

Most people arrive on Friday, so we may do a fly out lunch to Muscatine (KMUT).  It's really just an excuse for me to fly, but the fly out lunches to Keen NH were great fun in the past, so I thought we would try it again here.

Saturday is the big day, so if you can't make it on Friday, try to make it in by Saturday. If we can get people to stop flying and giving rides long enough, we'll have a cook out at the airport, so nobody should go hungry!

Sunday is typically departure day, but I plan to spend the entire day at the airport, so you are welcome to stay as long as you like!

If you haven't made hotel reservations, I arranged a special rate at the Quality Inn in Davenport.  Call 563-386-8336 and mention the "Quickie Builders" group. Flyers - you will not need ground transportation, I'll make sure everyone gets to and from the airport.

I'm sending this to the Q-list, but if anybody knows any Dragonfly folks, please pass this invitation along to them as well.  We always have a good time when we get together, so all flyers and builders are most welcome!

Feel free to contact me directly for any questions, comments, or suggestions.

Paul A. Fisher

Q-200 N17PF


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