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Jpat, I think that until a pilot has struggled thru the process of earning an IFR rating he will not have a firm
grip on understanding what "a good IFR platform" means.
...and I'm thinking that all our glass cockpit electronics are making flying seem more easy than it actually
is (esp. when electrons fail). I have read a couple of recent articles commenting on this. God knows the FAA
has been a pain in my hiney on occasion, but the IFR rating is there for a GOOD reason. I could tell stories.

Another Jim

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Jim makes a real good point. "Lite IFR" means different things to different people.

How much instrument time do you currently have. I've been instrument rated for a very long time and have spent a lot of time in IFR conditions.

The Quickie is an excellent airplane but does have limitations. Not my idea of a good IFR platform. Just sayin'

Jim. Patillo
N46JP Q200

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