Re: Field of Dreams Flyin - Sep 22-24

David J. Gall


1° toe out is not "slight" but "moderate." With tires, think in terms of an aerodynamic surface deflection, then divide by three. So 1° toe out would be like 3° rudder deflection. You want to measure to an accuracy of 1/8° or less. For example, my 1984 Honda Civic front end alignment called for 0° camber and 1/4° toe out, both numbers expressed as plus or minus .02°, so you can see that our airplane eyeball engineering is way less precise than a typical sedan. 

The other thing you want is for the positive toe out at gross weight (worst case) to be numerically greater than the (absolute value of the) negative camber. If you load up to 1100 lbs. and find that your wheel pants limit you to 3/4° negative camber, then you'd want more than 3/4° toe out -- I'd suggest a full 1° toe out. But if your wheel pants allow you to get to 0° or positive camber at gross weight, then just a smidgen of toe out is needed, say, 1/4° degree or so, just to make sure the toe out is, indeed, out (not in).

Lastly, there is no such thing as "a decent amount of negative camber." Negative camber is always indecent! ;-P

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