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Ahhhh, History.
The Dfly spring was covered in a very old Q-TALK as well as other trials if anyone
knows the issue no.

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Much thanks for all of the support you all have been providing me. Cliff notes - help with the 2 questions at the bottom is what I am mostly after. I had a conversation with Jim Patillo and I am going to move forward with the Jim-Bob six pack mods. I already have the reflexor ailerons and the belly board. I need to add the differential brakes (I'm going to use the toe brake setup as I don't have the space for the two handle setup), the rudder / tailwheel bellcrank, and the swiveling tailwheel. 

Here are the questions:

Q1 - Start with an easy one - anybody have the part number of the aviation products tailwheel you'd recommend. I'm thinking it is the 4" solid wheel with the 5/8" round attach and the only question is 20° or 10°. I can figure this out on my own but if anyone has the number handy that would be great.

Q2 - Gall alignment - the general jist of what I am reading with this is that I want to axle to be at 0° camber when the airplane is loaded at 1100 lbs and have, if anything a slight toe out (1°). If wheel pants won't allow zero camber I should get it as close to zero as possible. Is this correct? as of now I have a decent amount of negative camber - I haven't actually sighted it yet but it is apparent.

Q3 - THIS IS THE BIG ONE - I would really like to change out my tailwheel spring to the dragonfly design as it has already been shortened and I understand the dragon fly design is less prone to breaking. I found instructions for how to lay up and shape this but I'm not sure how I go about removing the old one. Well lets put it this way - how I do it with the least amount of sawzalling. A nudge in the right direction would be great on this one.

Q4 - Does anybody have a part number on canopy slides that work best? I bought some from my local aircraft canopy slide supply store (some call it Menards) and they are worthless.

Outside of these mods the airplane is ready to fly I just need to get in shape to fly it Ie. lots of taxi testing and some dual in a T-18. I have been doing some slow taxi testing - I found that the tires have flat spots from sitting so I'm probable going to need to replace them prior to doing anything above a slow taxi. I was hoping some slow taxiing would get them to level out but no such luck.


Matthew Curcio

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The "Gall alignment" is only part of the equation. It isn't complete until you do the "Jim-Bob six-pack," too. Please do the independent toe brakes, etc. ASAP. Jim Patillo can fill you in on the details....

Welcome aboard!

David J. Gall

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