Q1 Powerplant Change

Tommy Castleman

Howdy everyone,

I bought N4WH back in September 2015. It has sat in a garage collecting dust for the last two years. The reports I have read from previous owners of the planes suggest that the engine (Kawasaki 340 upgraded by Advance Engine Design) was a good one. However, I could not find a manual, logs, or anyone besides a friend who works on motorcycles (no aircraft experience) who could or would touch the engine. It has compression and seems to be in pretty good shape, but I never felt comfortable trusting my life to it. I also didn't like the limitation caused by needing ethanol-free automotive fuel.

After two years of searching, I finally found a mechanic who would work on experimental aircraft in the Houston area. He said "Don't fly the kawasaki quickie" with strong conviction. I never really did feel comfortable about the mystery engine, so I'm going to go with his advice on this one.

The kawasaki 340 engine is for sale. It has a prince prop. Make an offer. I was thinking about designing a utility drone around it, but if someone has a better use for it, I'd rather see it go to a good home.

I am also looking for an engine that would be suitable to repower the quickie. I'm looking more for ideas and information from people who have flown the Q1 with different engines. I could be interested in buying something, but my airplane budget is kind of low at the moment.

My biggest priority would be cross country capability. I would like something that burns 100LL, is reliable, and doesn't burn too much.

I was thinking about converting a VW engine... I'm looking at different options, but haven't decided on the best one yet. What do you all think?



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