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Hee hee heeee, McCormack, I had almost forgotten about the wire brush...ALmost !

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As he slowly returns the wire brush to the drawer, unused but ready.

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Alrightee then...

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i am not currently IFR rated but I am planning on getting rated this fall. I think you miss understood me, I would never fly into IFR conditions without an IFR clearance or rating. I have read those accident reports as well and don't want to be a statistic.  I am looking to upgrade my current TRI-q panel and I am thinking of going all the way to have the ability to fly IFR. Iam just trying to get information from the knowledgeable group on wether that is a reasonable option or like some others have already stated the quickie is not a very stable platform and maybe I should just stay VFR with the quickie and rent an IFR certified airplane for those days that are marginal.  

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OK then.  
you IFR   rated?
... or you just figger the odds are good you won't hit me coming thru the other direction.
From 40+ years reading accident reports I don't like those odds even for IFR rated pilots
(who should be more stable even than their aircraft but are not always !)
Being grounded by death lasts toooooo long.

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Hey other Jim
I do not know the other Jim at all. The lite I am talking about is maybe a low cloud base that is not more than a couple thousand feet thick and a destination airport that is marginal VFR. I am not talking about climbing or descending though 10000 feet of CB clouds. I have been grounded by not having the ability to take off with a low cloud base at 500 and clear skies from 300 0 feet of stratus cloud. 

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Jay, how close are y0u and Jim as far as "knowing "each other???
Flying ANY kind of IFR depends a lot on how good a pilot you are and what
level of slo p you are willing to enter. How much lite is lite?
Even with a 50 axis autopilot, does Jim have enough data to evaluate you on that?

Another Jim

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Thanks Jim
Ya I was also thinking about that. I am planning on a two Axis auto pilot, in your opinion will that not be enough?

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Hi Jay,

I've flown "Lite IFR" in my Q200 and would not recommend it without a 3 axis autopilot. The Q is not a real stable platform.........IMHO. 

Jim Patillo

N46JP Q200

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