Re: newbee question?

Bruce Crain

A friend of mine named Les Hidebrand lives in Winterhaven, Fl in the
winter months. Give him a call at 941-293-2513. Can't hurt to ask.
Tell him I sent you. His Q200 is for sale last I checked and it is a
nice Q. He may still be in MO while it's still nice weather. That
number is 816-415-9923. Also the Ottawa, KS fly in is coming up. It's
a "kick"!!!

Bruce Crain

On Tue, 26 Sep 2000 15:34:40 -0400 Jeff Russell <Jeff@...>
Is there a list of builders and people flying Quickies that I
could look up to call to see some projects or to meet some
people. I am mainly on this list to learn as other are and
I do not quite know where to turn for this one. Is this
in the QBA newletter or also on the web like the Cozy builders?

So far I have had no replies about any one in this area flying.
Any one in Florida?

Thanks again
Jeff Russell/AeroCad Inc.

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