Re: Flight Report

Rick Hole

I didn't remember the losses by the numbers so I looked them up. has long been reliable for UHF and above. RG58 at 1000 MHz is 20 dB per 100 feet, RG400 is 14.7. That's a large difference EXCEPT our coax runs are short. At 10 feet the difference is 0.53 dB, at 5 feet 0.26 dB. We probably lose more in the connectors than that.
But that is only for quality RG58 such as RG58/C from a reliable manufacturer. Junk RG58 can be far worse and barely shielded.
Mike and I are on the same page here.
Quality coax, quality connectors properly installed are far more important than the fraction of a dB loss.
RG400 with its double-shield and teflon insulation is my personal recommendation despite the larger minimum bend radius.
And guys, old coax of any type should not be re-used. It isn't that expensive to buy new stock. If the inner conductors and shield aren't bright and shiny discard it.
Rick Hole

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