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Having successfully used Sam's method, you are better off doing what he suggests.  You are trying to complicate a simple and very efficient process by adding more work.

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I was wondering about two things:

- would the technique benefit from using peel ply
over the skin laminate? At least it would save
time sanding down the skin with 36 grit. Plus it
always hurts me to see a structural laminate treated like that.

- would it help to control the layer thickness of
the micro? For example, if you would hold two
electrical wires chordwise over the skin surface,
and move the drywall knife over these raised
guides, it would allow a controlled thickness.
Maybe you can reduce the thickness because of the
improved control, delete the step with the
Surform file, and save time sanding the micro down.

Just two ideas after watching your video again :-)


At 13:22 01 09 2017, you wrote:
>Thanks Rob.
>Â Over the years I've tried to describe this the
>folks realized it would be much more descriptive
>if I had some type of video. The epoxy wipe
>method works so much better than any other thing that I've tried in the past.
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>On Sep 1, 2017 5:43 AM, "Rob de Bie
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>Sam, thanks for this great instructional video! I hope to try it soon.
>At 20:04 31 08 2017, you wrote:
> >Hi Guys.
> >
> >Just uploaded a 20 minute video on how I use the
> >epoxy wipe method on my aircraft. I hope you find it useful.
> >
> ><<>
> /43K1qwoHbnc>
> >
> >Thanks.
> >
> >Sam Hoskins
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> >Just passed 2,000 hours.
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