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Good to hear from you.  We are hoping for the best for you. Maybe Irma will change course one more time and miss you. Good luck and hang on tight.

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Thanks Jerry,
We're hunkering down.  Took all the expensive electronics out of the plane.  The hangar is real strong but the water could rise.  Putting up hurricane covers on the windows at home now.  Still a beautiful day out.  Expected to hit 8pm Sunday.  I got rope so I can tie myself to our palm tree if necessary!
Will let you know what's left on Monday!
Mike Q200 N3QP

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Wishing you the best of luck.  The track change sure doesn't help you.  If you need a place to evacuate too,  you're welcome in KAVL.  we have room at the inn. Jerry

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First time in 35 years that I've seen this:

!PIE 09/091 (KPIE A0804/17) PIE AD AP CLSD 1709081500-1709112300

It's perfectly nice here in Tampa Bay Florida but they closed the airport at 11 am Friday because it's a mandatory evacuation area!  My Q200 is 7 feet above sea level right on Tampa Bay.  The hangar is rated to 145 mph winds so unless it floods it will be fine.

Looks like IRMA is no longer heading directly for Kevins Q200 in the Ft Lauderdale area but will still give him a pretty good beating.

Y'all stay safe now.
Mike Q200 N3QP

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