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I just took a look.  This is what I have.

The following are from the estate sale.  The fellow always had to have the latest gizmo so there is a good chance that these units are functional.

Terra TX 760D + rack + harness

Terra TX 760D + TN 200D in dual side by side rack

Terra TX TFD 100D + rack + harness


The following are out of my Q.  I don’t remember, but I was probably having trouble with one or both of them or I wouldn’t have replaced them.  Would have to be checked out.  If nothing else, good for parts.

Terra TX 760D & Terra TRT 250 D Xponder in dual side by side rack + harness.

Terra AT3000 Altitude digitizer.


If interested we could make arrangements to ship the units to you for your inspection prior to purchase.


Jerry Marstall



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Does anyone have a Terra 760D comm they would like to sell. Mine has worked well but I need a back for when mine fails.

Jim Patillo
N46JP -Q200

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