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It appears that tipping it backward will provide you easier access to the bottom of the wing, canard and fuselage.

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Hi Jim,

Could not resist. My back is a bit sore these days, as I have tipped my plane up on its nose to facilitate the filling and priming of the underside of the main wing by reaching up from below. (photo attached). 

You are right, I am getting there. Only 19 years for yours? You are a speed demon! Best advice I can give that has not already been said time and again, is to give up watching TV. I did this and have been amazed how much more time I have on my hands to apply to my project. The choice of programing these days makes that decision a very easy one to make.

Looking forward to lots of sanding dust falling in my face over the next couple of days.  I keep waiting for Kevin B. to show up and help me.....Wish I could be in Iowa next weekend. Sounds like a good one.

Jay Scheevel, Tri-Q, still building

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