Successfully Returned to Base (RTB)

Jerry Marstall <jnmarstall@...>

Hello Good People,

We pedaled our way back to Asheville, arriving around 1:30.  Had great weather (guaranteed when one is driving).  Nancy piloted us all up and back without once talking to a controlling agency – brazen!!


We had a SUPERIOR time, as always.  It was great to see so many Q’s on the grass (+ a Super Q,  AKA Cozy).  As others have already said, thanks so very much to Paul, Tama, Terry, the chef’s and chefettes and all of those who were so kind as to bring their planes and those others who found a ways to be present.  What a great gathering. 


Hope to be more of a contributor next year.  And thx to Bruce and Honey Lamb for taking the baton for next year’s FOD.  See you all then – plus more.

Jerry & Nancy



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