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Dave Dugas

Paul and Tama

Thank you both for hosting the fly-in for a second time. Everything was perfect, the weather, food, tee shirts, hotel transportation, and most of all seeing everyone who attended. Rod and I had great flying weather for the entire adventure, out and back. That never happens, at least not to Rod and me.

We made a visit to Penn State on the way home, to visit a friend, and arrived back at KORE around 2:00 this afternoon. I hope everyone else arrives, or has arrived, back home safely. Already lookin’ forward to next year.

Rod had a great time as well, and he asked me to say “thank you” for him.

Dave D.


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Wow did we have a good time!  The only real downside was the weather.  90+ degrees Fahrenheit in late September is about 20 degrees above normal around here.  But the upside is the dome of high pressure that caused those temperatures made for severe clear skies!

Overall we had 19 attendees and 12 airplanes:

3 Q-200 - Sanjay Dhall, Sam Hoskins, Paul Fisher

3 Q-2     - Dave Dugas, Charles Kuhlman, Hardy McDaniel
2 TriQ    - Kevin Boddicker, Bruce Crain

1 Quickie-Terry Crouch

1 Cozy III - Rod Herzig

1 Thatcher CX4 - Earnest Martin

1 Swearingen SX300 - Greg Zimmerman


A big surprise was Nancy Marstall driving all the way from North Carolina to attend with Jerry.  Since he broke seven ribs in a motorcycle accident a month ago we didn't think he would make it, but it was great to see them both.


Honey Lamb was there, even though Mrs. Dugas doesn't believe she really exists.  Dave took pictures, we're still not sure if she believes him!


We were glad Charles Kuhlman from Marshalltown Iowa could join us in his Q-2.  He was new to the group, but he seemed to fit right in!  A few of our friends had mechanical or weather problems that prevented them from attending, but we look forward to seeing them next time.


There was a lot of food but because of the temperatures the ice cream Saturday evening seemed to be a particular hit with everyone!  I was surprised how much water and iced tea we went through, but it was good everyone stayed hydrated.


Bruce Crain accepted the task of hosting next year's event.  I hope all of you will consider putting it on your calendar and attending.  The Quickie aircraft are very unique in the homebuilt industry, and their builders and fliers are even more unique!


I hope everyone enjoyed themselves, and thanks again for coming!


Paul and Tama Fisher

Q-200 N17PF


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