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Great tip Pat, thank you.

FAA Amateur-Built Fabrication and Assembly Checklist (2011) Fixed Wing:

For filling-out/explaining above "checklist",  Amateur Built Fabrication and Assembly Checklist (2009) Job Aid :

Good info on this page for Amateur-Built Aircraft Kits(where above links were found):


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The 51% rule was revised several years ago making it much harder to comply, and there's no grandfathering. So even if the Q complied with the old rule, that doesn't mean anything anymore. 

Kit manufacturers have the option to have their kit(s) inspected by the FAA to be given a green light to advise as being compliant with the new rule.

There's an FAA form with three columns per line item where you check the appropriate box for who built the part. You (me), the kit manufacturer, or a hired gun.

If there are more checks in the "me" column than the other two columns combined, you win.

If not, all is not lost. You can't get it certificated in the EAB category, but you can get it certificated in the Experimental Exhibition category.

I'm on my cell right now or I'd find that checklists for you. Google can find it for you.

I hope this helps. 


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 Does anyone know an FAA site or anyplace that says the Q2 complies
with the 51% build rule?
 I realize that it is closer to the 80% build rule, but there is no
info on any Canadian site.
 Thanks  ---- Chris

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