Re: 51%

Jay Scheevel

Thanks Richard,

I seem to remember that there was an official list of acceptable amateur build "kits" that the UK authorities maintained. To get on this list required providing some engineering data, kit info, performance data, approved plans/parts lists, an official POH of sorts, those kinds of things.

I think I remember Paul Buckley mentioning on occasion that to remain within that sanctioned designation, any deviation from accepted plans designs were prohibited. Seems both the Q2/Q-200 and Tri-Q2/Tri-Q-200 were on the sanctioned list in the UK.

Anyway, since these criteria do not apply to my project (in the U.S.), I am a bit hazy on my recollection. I would think the Canadians have followed a similar approach, or maybe a hybrid between the U.S. and UK or Australian rules. I do know that Reg Clarke, although Canadian, certified his modified Q-2 in the U.S. (his brother lives in Montana). That may be an indication of the relative-ease comparison of Canada vs. U.S.

Maybe Paul Buckley would have more insight if he still has his ears on....Paul?

What ever became of Gary Legare?


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