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Richard Thomson


Gary Legare is your side of the pond, he designed the T Tail for the Q.

Perhaps you mean Gary McKirdy, he is still around somewhere. 

The LAA are the designated organisation by the CAA for light aircraft in UK.

Our LAA do the work of looking at New designs, putting them through their approval process, which can take some time.

They inspect the stage build and eventually if you are lucky, they will give you a permit to test, usually with a designated test pilot.

If the design exhibits normal characteristics throughout its test program, you may get a Permit to Fly, which is what our Homebuilt aircraft usually end up with. At that point it will get added to the approved design list.

If you are looking at a commercial design then it has to go through a more stringent process.

That is a basic outline of the process, you can check the detail on the LAA website if you have any other questions.

Website :

Richard T.

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