Re: 51%

Chris Walterson

Jay------------------  Thanks for the info. I will install the elevators so 48 will match 48 on the canard.  A while back I was reading where the airodynamics are better when the elevator is a bit larger than the wing profile. I think it was Jim Bede that was talking. I'm not going  to play with a proven thing so I will install them as planned.
 Glassed the split line on the tail section and managed to cut the slots in the aluminum rudder tube and micro it into the rudder.
 I have the header tank finished with the overflow tube and vent installed.
 I was talking to another friend and he mentioned it may be a good idea to lay a few layers of glass on the inside front part of the fuselage shell before I install the header tank, to give it more support for the hinge installation for the front opening canopy. Seems like a good idea. Any comments??
 Take care--------------  Chris

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