Update on Quickie Builders Association / Quickheads website

Jon Matcho

MD wrote:


> Thanks for keeping up with this Jon.


Thank you!  It’s valuable to me as much as any other builder/flyer I hope.


> As someone with a QBA "auto-renew" it has been fairly irksome not having access to the old newsletters for research the last few months.

First, thank you for your support.  I certainly appreciate that.  However, while there have been more outages than usual these past few months (another topic), the site has been down for just 2 weeks now (hard to tell when exactly it went down, but wasn’t “months”).


The update is that the site is in recovery with the provider.  This is the best I can arrange short of taking a week off to setup with another hosting service.  Rather, I want to get the site back online and will then migrate to a more capable provider to avoid this situation in the future.


Thank you for your support and patience.


Kind regards,





Jon Matcho

QBA Administrator

Rebuilding Quickie Tri-Q200 N479E





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