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Jon Matcho

The site has been partially recovered, but still waiting on the restoration of the remaining items (the site/forum database).  I can move forward with this myself, but am waiting for Dan to get back from vacation to ensure all is well.  I expect the site to be back online no later than January 1 (worst case, reworked), but likely mid/late December.  No content has been lost and we have multiple backups.


Phil Lankford wrote:


> Is there any contingency plan to assure the survival of the site beyond your own?


I’m very much not dead yet, but yes, Dan and I are the current administrators so if anything goes wrong either of us can step up.  Beyond that, the site is in my will for how to turnover to another administrator through whatever communication mechanisms will be available between tomorrow and the next 30+ years.  Much before that I am looking to bring others on to assist here and with the Canard Zone (www.canardzone.com) which is equally demanding on my time.


> I will admit I am a big fan of the Yahoo groups site and not so much of the site for which there is a cost to users.


I actually administrate the “Canard Aviators” email group and subscribe to several others as well.  They’re simple and easy using just email, offered as a free service by companies such as Yahoo and Google.  Access to the QBA site does not require a payment to view content, only for those wanting to donate or purchase the CAD-enhanced drawings Dan setup to offset costs required to keep the site going.


> I am just a little more in the “free-ware/ open source” camp…


Same here, and that’s much to do with the philosophy that keeps the site running – donations and author contributions (ex. Sam Hoskins’ and Dan Yager’s recent improved documentation on the construction of the LS1 canard).  Being all-in with software and related topics (my full-time day job), I know that the successful open source projects require the same thing that keeps our airplanes in the air – money.  There’s been quite a lot of actual money spent just to get to where we are right now; to be able to even have this discussion.  If you look at the RV forum, that’s so busy that the person running it does it as their full-time job (not factory sponsored, supported through advertising, subscriptions, and donations).


Looking forward, in addition to handling this outage, there’s 40+ hours of work required to get the site upgraded to new and current technology so that it doesn’t go down again.  There are also real costs in addition to time that include servers, hosting, and software.


The intent is absolutely for free access to the information, and to grow the community by increasing awareness and value.  I’m sure we can agree on that.


If anyone has time and skills to offer I would be happy to talk to you.  Please feel free to contact me here or directly for anything else as well.  I do appreciate the feedback.


Kind regards,




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