Re: Update on Quickie Builders Association / Quickheads website

Jay Scheevel

I have noticed over the past several weeks that Yahoo Groups is becoming increasingly unstable and unreliable. Sometimes disappearing for hours or days at a time, or unable to post to it for long periods. (Note, I am talking about this Yahoo Group forum, not Apparently, when the group owners contact Yahoo for technical support, they say they no longer are doing anything but maintaining "groups". No trouble shooting, no new code or features. In anticipation of this forum completely dying out, I have set up a Google Groups site. It functions very similarly to Yahoo Groups. It is essentially just a e-mail or online posting list like this one. You can attach photos and documents to your posts, but it does not have a separate directory for attached items, you have search through the notices to find them. The search engine is very good though, as you might expect. Once Yahoo Groups dies, I will maintain the forum up for all of you who wish to use a tool similar to this Yahoo Group. The Google Group is called Q-list2. Just search Google Groups for Q-list2 and you will find it. If you request to be a member, I will receive and process that request, then it will work for you just like this one (you will need to set up some preferences on a one time basis on the online version, after that you can just use e-mail, if you choose).

If anyone else is interested in helping to moderate that Google group, let me know. There can be several moderators and I can also transfer ownership to someone else, if they wish to be the owner/moderator.

Jay Scheevel, Tri-Q, still building

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