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Hi Kevin.  Thx for responding to my oil pressure problem.  Glad to gave that fixed.

 It was 60deg here today.  Also high for this time of year.  Did compression check and borescoped the valves.  All looks good. Some lead deposits around no.2 cylinder exhaust valve.  The big cold front is supposed to hit here on Tuesday  thru the weekend.  Guess my flight will have to wait. 

Take care and have wonder Christmas.

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Good news Jerry.

Just finished my inspection today, and flew for an hour and a half. Fairly unusual for 50 degree temps in northern Iowa in Dec, but i like it. 

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Hello Good People,

I want to thank everyone again who offered solutions for correcting my loss of oil pressure problem.

Due to the convoluted installation of my oil filter and oil cooler, the easiest one for me to try was Paul’s suggestion that was ratified by Kevin.

It worked as advertised.  [BIG grin].  So I am joyfully on my way with my condition inspection.  


Thanks guys,


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