Re: Pre-buy Checklist

Patrick Panzera

If it's actually a Q-200 it'll have factory-built tapered tubular carbon fiber spars, that are semi-exposed in the cockpit. Be sure to coin-tap test them inside the cockpit.


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Look along the top surface of the canard. Any waviness means probable damage from hard landing (disqualifier unless you want to do extensive repairs).

Check log books and see when it last ran (long down time not a good sign).

check the locations where torque tubes enter the fuselage for any damage to the glass there means wings were over-flexed, not good.

Check cockpit for fuel stains or odors indicating tank leaks.

Check tailwheel assembly for cracks. If it is the original 5/8" fiberglass round rod tailspring, you will probably need to replace.

A positive sign would be if you see separate cables emerging from the fuselage to control the tail wheel and rudder independently. That would mean that a prior owner has been paying attention and has fixed some or all of the deficiencies in original design.

The rest are probably more like regular "plane stuff", or are easily updated.

Jay Scheevel, Tri-Q, still building

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