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Charlie,  thanks.
 I am considering a Kerosene heater to keep me and the hangar warm, not much epoxy work, but the project is not painted so is there threat of some contamination on composite surface?

For curing epoxy I have been using plastic tenting around layup with space heater inside. 


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Like propane or kerosene ?

Propane produces a lot of water vapor, this can react with epoxy cure agents to produce amine blush on the surface of your laminate. Amine blush can be removed by scrubbing with soap and water before sanding. If not removed before sanding it is just spread all over and will compromise subsequent bonding.

Kerosene heaters emit vaporized kerosene as well as water vapor.

I like local plastic tents with electric space heaters like the radiator kind to keep the layup warm untitled cured.


Charlie Johnson

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Is there a problem in using Torpedo heaters in workshop/ hangar while working on composite airplane projects? 



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