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Mike Dwyer

I made some wheel chocks out of the spare foam.  Real light and comes in handy because standard chocks don't work with the low wheel pants.  The plane sat chocked and tied down in Key West once with 55 mph winds and had no issues.  Not a bad idea to put a bungee cord to hold the control stick in place or maybe a control lock of some sort.

On Cross county's I carry a survival pack with a minimum of some space blankets, bug repellent, flash light, lighter or fire starter, compass...

I also carry a couple of quarts of oil because the FBO's want a crazy amount of $$$ for oil.

I also have a handheld EPIRB in leu of the standard 406 aircraft device.  See ResQLink.  The cool thing about this device is the batteries are replaceable by someone who can solder.  Makes it much cheaper to maintain than many other types...

I also look for the Airport Facility Directory - good runways.  Poor runways are hazardous to Q200's.  

Mike N3QP Q200

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I'm getting ready to make a literal cross country to bring my Q200 out here to Mojave from my previous home airport in Ohio. I'm planning for <2 hour ~300 mile legs and I'm going to go south and around the rockies. Anywho, any Q specific items or tips you all might have for a long cross country? This will be my first time in any cross country venturing more than 3 states from Ohio.

Current List:

Warm clothes and blanket

water for 2 days and a couple of MRE's

Ipad and Iphone with foreflight for NAV and LA VFR sectional

3 Charging cables( for Ipad and Iphone and spare)

Handheld radio

tie downs (can be used for hand propping if need arises)

30ah Lipo battery back - lightweight and can be used for jumpstarting, backup source for charging nav devices, and added battery reserve for fuel pump (I ditched the hand pump in lieu of a redundant electric pump) in the event of an alternator failure.

Matthew Curcio



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