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Jerry Marstall

Matthew should be commended for reaching out to the group seeking information on X-C flying in a Q.  Several lifesaving suggestions were offered.  

Sometimes our egos prevent us from exposing our limitations or lack of knowledge.   Matthew is obviously a confident and competent aviator.

Wishing you a great experience on your flight west.

On Dec 19, 2017 9:33 AM, "Matthew Curcio mlcurcio89@... [Q-LIST]" <Q-LIST@...> wrote:

I'm getting ready to make a literal cross country to bring my Q200 out here to Mojave from my previous home airport in Ohio. I'm planning for <2 hour ~300 mile legs and I'm going to go south and around the rockies. Anywho, any Q specific items or tips you all might have for a long cross country? This will be my first time in any cross country venturing more than 3 states from Ohio.

Current List:

Warm clothes and blanket

water for 2 days and a couple of MRE's

Ipad and Iphone with foreflight for NAV and LA VFR sectional

3 Charging cables( for Ipad and Iphone and spare)

Handheld radio

tie downs (can be used for hand propping if need arises)

30ah Lipo battery back - lightweight and can be used for jumpstarting, backup source for charging nav devices, and added battery reserve for fuel pump (I ditched the hand pump in lieu of a redundant electric pump) in the event of an alternator failure.

Matthew Curcio


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