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Jerry Marstall

Thanks Matthew,

I don’t have a cabin heater.  When it is sunny, it’s fine, but when overcast, not so fine.  I’m a warm/fair weather flyer.


Best of luck to you in your new career.  Truly every engineer’s dream to work in Mojave with the best.


Maybe we can see you in Enid next Fall and you can brief us all on your experience.





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The heat in my Q seems to work really well. It’s just the standard muff the q200 manual shows. I had dressed for the weather. As soon as I took off I pulled off my gloves as they weren’t necessary. On the first leg, Ohio - Kentucky, my toes were pretty cold just because the heat blast in on the passenger side. It was 4F in the ground and I was at 8500 most of the way so I’m estimating it was somewhere around -10 to -20 at altitude. The rest of the stops that day were all about 20F and I was very comfortable in the Q. 

Matthew Curcio



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I am interested in how you prevented yourself from becoming a frozen block of flesh upon departing Ohio.  As a minimum you must have a blast furnace as your cockpit heater and numerous campfires throughout the cockpit.


How did you ever stay warm (functional)??????



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The guy I bought it from was Philip Dominito but the builder was Dennis Thomas. Phil and Dennis built two together back in the mid 80’s and they both spent there entire life in Ohio at the airport I was based out of (TDZ). Mine was sitting for about 15 years when I got it. 

Matthew Curcio



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Good report Matthew! Glad you were successful. 

Who was the previous owner.

Inquiring minds want to know.

Again, congrats, and fly safe.


Kevin Boddicker

TriQ 200 

N7868B 445hrs

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I made it into California Thursday night. I left Ohio Tuesday morning. It was 4F out in Ohio and Ohio didn’t want me to leave! The airport did their best to keep the runway clear for me but 5” of snow Christmas Eve and strong winds on Christmas made it tough the taxiway from the hangar to the runway had huge drifts so we towed the airplane out to the runway and did my run up and everything there. It was in a heated hangar so It was preflighted, warm and ready to go. There was a lot of clouds and snow to navigate around getting out of Ohio but after a few stops and smooth flying, I made it to Enid well before sundown and was greeted by Bruce Crain.


It was awesome to have a fellow quickie pilot to stay with and made everything so much easier! Thanks again Bruce! Wednesday morning the weather at DHT was IFR and there was no way around it so it made for an easy decision to stick around for the day and diagnose my oil pressure. My oil pressure was always right around 30psi which seemed low for how fresh the engine is. It was 20psi the whole way from Ohio to Enid which was concerning. I suspected and issue with the gauge or relief valve and after verifying the gauge measurement we moved on to the relief valve which had what appeared to be about 5 pieces of very hard dry rubber behind it and at least one of them holding the valve open. Cleaned that out, drained and screened the oil (it was clean) and did a test flight - 42psi sweet!


I had to wait around Enid until 10am to let low ceilings en route to Dalhart open up enough for me to make it there. The weather cleared up halfway to Dalhart. I didn’t think I would make it to Cali with the late start and short day but a nice tailwind most of the day and some quick fuel steps let me make it into glamis just before sunset. As all of you know the scenery from Dalhart to Glamis was pretty incredible. Thanks for all the advice fellas! Happy I didn’t need to use any of my survival gear but it’s great to have it all now. 



Matthew Curcio



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Matthew should be commended for reaching out to the group seeking information on X-C flying in a Q.  Several lifesaving suggestions were offered.  


Sometimes our egos prevent us from exposing our limitations or lack of knowledge.   Matthew is obviously a confident and competent aviator.


Wishing you a great experience on your flight west.



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I'm getting ready to make a literal cross country to bring my Q200 out here to Mojave from my previous home airport in Ohio. I'm planning for <2 hour ~300 mile legs and I'm going to go south and around the rockies. Anywho, any Q specific items or tips you all might have for a long cross country? This will be my first time in any cross country venturing more than 3 states from Ohio.


Current List:


Warm clothes and blanket

water for 2 days and a couple of MRE's

Ipad and Iphone with foreflight for NAV and LA VFR sectional

3 Charging cables( for Ipad and Iphone and spare)

Handheld radio

tie downs (can be used for hand propping if need arises)

30ah Lipo battery back - lightweight and can be used for jumpstarting, backup source for charging nav devices, and added battery reserve for fuel pump (I ditched the hand pump in lieu of a redundant electric pump) in the event of an alternator failure.




Matthew Curcio


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