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Thanks for passing along that info. I played around with using reflex for pitch control on my flight home from work yesterday afternoon. I was more looking at to see how effective the reflex system is for controlling pitch and if I could fly the airplane without touching the stick. I was happy to see how much authority the aileron reflex has in pitch and I could use aileron trim system my Q has effectively for roll. I tried to let it go into a bit of a dive and then pull power and pull out with reflex and that seemed to be very effective, I also saw how it added some stability when reflexed in cruise. I didn't play with it enough to see how it affected cruise speed but an aero person would say that an increase in stability would be an increase in drag. I didn't really try using it as primary trim so I'll try that on my flight home from work today in a  couple of hours!

Matthew Curcio


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I am a previous Q200 owner and I flew mine for 1250 hours. A couple of things I learned might help. First when I installed my strainers per plans they would occasionally stall. Usually it happened in a little turbulence or some other unusual flight condition. This caused a bump in the control stick and a tiny pitch down, but it recovered instantly. It was a bit disconcerting until I realized what was happening.. I reduced the angle one or 2 degrees and it worked great from then on. 

Second, when I first started out I had the spring trim system and the reflexor installed. It seemed to me to be really easy to get into some screwy trim conditions when using both systems. I found the work load (thinking) lighter when I reduced that to just one. Since the reflexor is the more powerful of the two systems I kept it. The good thing is you don’t have to change anything to try it. Just adjust the spring system to neutral and don’t touch it again. Make all trim changes with the reflexor from then on. 

That worked so well that I eventually removed the trim wheel but kept the springs. Several guys have done the same and several still have two systems and both seem happy. If you are a racer like Sam you might find some speed advantage by optimizing both systems but maybe not so much for everyday flying. 

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I have seen some that have the strainer at the mid span but in that case they give the strainer more span as it is presumably less effective when out of the prop wash.  I have had multiple close calls even with people who should know better trying to use the strainer as a step so I kind of think moving it out is a good idea despite the weight penalty. 

On that note I have not read in the manual how it advises to set AOI of the strainer but I suspect it may be vague. I have asked around on this subject a bit because my q is quite divergent in pitch. I can get it trimmed out decently in roll and pitch but it’s more of a balancing act than anything, especially in pitch. I’m fairly certain this has to do with the strainer. This is an especially unsafe characteristic since the q trims the feel of the stick not the control surface. It’s one of the items on my list of things to sort out. If I was building a q I would leave the strainer unfinished before first flight and build it such that you could adjust the angle before permanently glassing it in place. At some point, during phase one flight testing, do a series of pitch doublets with varying AOI on the strainer to find the best angle. 

Matthew Curcio

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 Jim---------  The reason I ask about the strainers, is that they look 
like a step to look inside to a 10 year old.
 On another topic, I was reading some of the old newsletters and saw
where one fellow added another 2 degrees of incidence into his canard on
his Q200 to get it to fly better.
Should I change the incidence.? I have read nowhere else , others having
problems. I have the digital levels and all the lazers so I can get it
very precise. I would think built to plans is fine.
 Seeing as Sam has just finished his new canard,  and he gets SPEED ,
maybe he can speak up.
For another update.  I have my fuselage together with  the tail spring,
stab and rudder installed.[ Mass balanced]. Have the header and main
tank installed. Did a balloon test on both tanks and came back successfully...
 I have the reflexor built and the tail detachable. Elevators and
ailerons finished. Starting to manufacture the dual control setup
Canopy hinges next.  Any body want any pictures let me know and I'll
send them along. Still having fun---------- Canada Chris

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