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Steve S

The guys near me running the rx1 have hundreds of hours on them and have worked out the bugs. I'm not a fan of o200 considering all the other options out there . Where I'm at I have a 5500ft runway and plenty of room beyond for any mishap and being that I'm 150lbs on a good day weight isn't a issue. Auto conversions and all that are second nature to me since the gyros my dad had ran the ej22 so tinkering isn't a big deal . Right now the yamaha is top on the list for me . Working out bugs isn't a big deal anyway since I have a flting airplane now . 

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Sounds cool. Yamaha makes great engines sportbike engines. Would you consider putting an O-200 on it first to work out all of the airframe bugs prior to having to work out engine bugs? The Q is an awesome cross country airplane but it is not a top performer in take off or landing. You will land at ~80mph and need ~2000 to get it stopped. Takeoff is maybe 1000 feet if your light and at sea level but you'll eat up some runway building up airspeed to start climbing. I say that because if you start to lose your engine on takeoff, even a 6000 foot strip at sea level would be tight to be able to land straight ahead on takeoff. Gyro planes, weight shift, slow airplanes, etc. are great for playing around with motors but something that lands with as much energy as the q does is not an ideal platform. I've done the car motor thing on my amphib (lands slow and can land safely almost anywhere) and what I found was that while the initial cost was less, the cost to get the bugs worked out was far more than the cost of an airplane motor. If you like tinkering with engines and you want to save money maybe you can look for a good deal on a disassembled o-200 with some time on it?

 I ended up replacing the suzuki motor on my amphib with an o-235 that had some time on it and was disassembled. I paid 2k for it, did the top end and re-assembly myself, designed a custom bed for the airframe and engine, designed a custom exhaust, intake, oil pan etc. and it was a fraction of what I had spent on the car motor and I spent 1/38 of the time working on it in 140 flight hours as I did in 70 flight hours on the Suzuki. I've put 50 hours on my q in the last couple of months flying across the country and all over the west coast and while I never count on the motor running to keep me alive I wouldn't trade that O-200 for ANYTHING. Also, if you are using a carbureted R1 engine you'll need to add mixture control and if your using fuel injection that you won't be able to burn 100ll. That's not a big deal on a gyro but for a cross country machine that is a game over, sure you can use additives to get rid of the lead. These things that sound like little hurdles will really eat into the mission of the Q.

If your selling yourself on the additional power and fuel consumption you could get from the R1 motor, high compression pistons, fuel injection, tuned exhaust, intake and electronic ignition on the O-200 will beat the R1 motor in power and fuel burn.  

Matthew Curcio


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I just acquired a quickie q2 project Saturday. It is in boat form ready to have the wings and gear mounted. I currently own a Avid mk4 speed wing and have 20 years of experimental aircraft building from airplanes to gyrocopters. I do not plan on using a o200 on my plane and am thinking way out of the box with the yamaha rx1 120hp motor. I know several people with them on gyros and airplanes that love them. I only got a crude manual so I'll be asking tons of questions about this little hot rod.
Avid mk4
Quickie tri q200 project

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