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Dave King <KingDWS@...>

At 10:28 PM 9/26/00 -0700, you wrote:
For years I've had the number 0.4 sq ft for the Q1 stuck in my head (yeh, I
know, in my dreams!!). Your query caused me go looking for the source.
0.4 would be nice thats for sure. The lowest one I have heard about was
Mike Arnolds AR5 with a claimed 0.88. The AR5 is slick but its actually
huge compared to a Q1 or even a Q2.

So far, the first tantalizing tidbit I've found was in the March 1984 issue
of Homebuilt Aircraft in an article on the Q200 "Quicker Quickie" by Bill
Cox. Cox came up with 1.35 sqft EFPA for the Q200, "about the same as a
Cessna's [150] landing gear". But he did not go into the calculation. Now,
if he's right, and the Q200 is 1.35, the Quickie must be under...... ;-)
Yup the Q1 should be under that by a bunch. It's smaller (that helps a little)
it has a square fuse section, teenie, tiny wind up rubber band onan...etc
etc ;-]
If the general opinion was that the prop on the Onan was crap, then I think
the Q has got be down between 0.85 and 0.95.


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